(You Might Want to Consider the Fact that) Women Use More Hedges Than Men

A wonderful piece on the gendered use of hedging in writing by one of my students!

The Women's Network

By McKenna Eggers

When you think of the word “hedging” you might picture something similar to what I did: A gardener with some sort of shears trimming down a hedge. Up until recently, this was the image that came to mind on the off chance that I would hear the word “hedge” sometime in my day. It wasn’t until a meeting with my English Composition class that I learned that “hedging” has a whole other meaning.

According to Enago Academy, hedging is “the use of linguistic devices to express hesitation or uncertainty as well as to demonstrate politeness and indirectness.” In other words, hedging is the use of language to add ambiguity into writing. This includes using words like “possibly” or “suggests.”

For example, if someone were to include hedging in the phrase “the data shows that climate change is to blame for coral bleaching” they could say “the data…

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