Project People

Project Principal Investigators:

Ben Fitzhugh

Hollis Miller

2019 Team Members

Erin Gamble

Wyatt Bowen (Erin’s [at the time] 10-month-old son!)

Laura Genovese

Sam Hordeski

2018 Team Members

Jennifer Alexanderoff: I am 23 years old and took this internship because I want to experience and explore the places where my ancestors lived. I am really interested in learning about their stories and how they survived. I am a stay at home mom, so I also really wanted to go out and visit the sites!

Jennifer Alexanderoff

Angel Christiansen: My name is Angel and I am 15 years old, going into 10th grade. I have lived in Old Harbor for about 8 years and I wanted to join the project because I am interested in learning what life was like in the area over the past several hundred years. I also wanted to learn more about my culture’s history and to see what old houses and artifacts look like.

Larissa Fitzhugh: I am 13 years old and going into 8th grade. My dad, Ben Fitzhugh, has been coming up to Old Harbor for years, but this is my first time in Alaska. The last time I was in the field with him was in the Kuril Islands, Russia, when I was 3, so this is my first time helping out on a dig. I’m excited to get to learn more about archaeology and what my dad does when he’s in the field. 

Larissa Fitzhugh

Hope Loiselle: I recently graduated from the University of Maryland where I received a BS in Anthropology. During my time there, I was involved in multiple archaeological projects. I worked on a faunal assemblage from a site in Iceland, participated in a field school on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, and interned at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. I am beginning a PhD in Anthropology at the University of Washington where I hope to combine archaeology, historical ecology, and ancient DNA to study past human interaction with marine environments. I’m particularly interested in the Pacific Northwest and Gulf of Alaska region, so I’m very excited to be working with Hollis on the Old Harbor Archaeological History Project. I also really love whales and hope to spot some while here!

Hope Loiselle