Hi all! I am Hollis Miller, a PhD candidate at the University of Washington in Seattle. I set up this blog to share updates about my dissertation research, the Old Harbor Archaeological History Project, and to write about my experience in graduate school.

The Old Harbor Archaeological History Project explores the persistence and resilience of Sugpiaq/Alutiiq communities in and around Old Harbor, Alaska as they faced economic and social challenges brought by the Russian occupation of Kodiak Island (AD 1784-1867). Click on the link for more details!

Since September 2017, I have been a graduate student instructor with the Interdisciplinary Writing Program at UW. In this role I teach small writing seminars that are linked to larger anthropology lecture courses, allowing students to apply the knowledge gained in lecture to writing assignments in the seminar. The types of projects I assign range from blog posts to ethnographic essays to oral history projects.

Thanks for your interest! Feel free to contact me with any questions through email at hollism [at] uw.edu.

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